Answered: 5 Questions to ask Before Hiring a Photographer to Create Inbound Marketing Content

Recently, Thompson Bellingrath of Deal Flow shared this website with me about 5 Questions to ask before hiring a photographer to create inbound marketing content by Michael Conway.

Surf Photography by Jason Steinberg

When I am not making pictures, you can find me “Stoked to be just heading out in the water.”

1- Who are your favorite photographers and why? My favorite photographer is Sebastiao Selgado because he is utterly amazing. Sebastian “retired” into photography if you will…a very successful business man turned humanitarian through pictures. His Black & White work speaks volumes of the inhumane/humane conditions in our world… another favorite photographer, James Nachtwey or better yet the agency known as VII.But then again, I could go on to the idealism of the Magnum photography agency as well, including Robert Capa but not excluding the many other great talents involved with the agency. All of these photographers capture their subjects in a real life environment. I like to document what is in the world.

2- Would you describe your photographic approach as additive or subtractive? Subtractive…simplify things. What is the nuts and bolts of a scene…what’s the truly most important aspect…shoot that and then allow the world to sneak in and around it.

Soccer photography by Jason Steinberg

My son takes a moment as the sun sets at a playground before kicking a soccer ball. My son, soccer, and surfing…and smiling with my wife.

3- What type of equipment do you use? I utilize Nikon gear for my camera bodies and lenses. Currently, I am using the full sensor D600 with fast lenses for low light photography as it gives me the most flexibility and adaptability. I prefer to utilize natural light…but I do have portable lights (six Vivatars) and a Black Line Speedatron studio light system… and deciding which to use? That can depend on the situation or desires of the client. For example, we have to shoot a portrait in their office that doesn’t have windows. Don’t get me wrong, a camera phone can be fun. I can even do high quality stuff with my phone video with an external mic on it…but it is a specific look for a client…rough, tough…look… sometimes that grit/grain/pixel look…can really bring an emotion.Psst, the soccer shot above is from a camera phone.

4- How much time do you spend in post-production and what software do you use? As for editing…I agree, Photoshop…too slow… but sometimes one shot needs to be tweaked just so…Mostly, I utilize Photo Mechanic for quick editing and mass captioning for importing of the images to a hard-drive. Once I sort out the blinking eyes, goofy/inappropriat expressions I then import the collection of images into Aperture (Apple’s version of Lightroom) for color enhancements and captions specifics. Depending on the photography session, I will upload those images into my growing photographic archive hosted by my photo shelter account online. Depending on sensitivity of my client’s need, the collection of photography may be password protected or open to the public for viewing of the numerous high quality shots from the photo sessions.

5- How many good images can you create in a day?I make a lot of images…because of my photojournalism background…actually, it is because I am ridiculously curious. My formal photojournalistic training from CSU-Long Beach and San Francisco State University, I basically do this:

A wide angle shot…from countless angles. A medium shot (think from the waist up from also many angles) to a close-up shot…think of the character lines of ones face with the pores intensely visible also from angles…. One never knows what an editor (photojournalism) or marketer really needs until they see every possible angle…granted I can edit it all down to my fave 3-10 shots…but you’ll have countless quality images to choose… all the while, anticipating the “decisive moment” to the press the shutter button and capture the emotion that best describes the mood of the situation.

Food Photography by Jason Steinberg

A selfie. I love to BBQ. And not much is better than BBQing by some Redwood trees…yum.

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